We Are Hoffen

Hoffen Asia Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 earlier it operated under the name of German Decor (Asia) co.,Ltd. The Founders discovered an opportunity in introducing a new innovation of construction material. Such innovation has help lessen the consumption of natural materials especially in wooden flooring. Today natural wood has been replaced by laminate flooring.


Laminate Wooden flooring is very popular in the European market. Its simplicity in installation has help made it become a DIY (Do It Yourself) item in the western countries. With this opportunity, we became a distributor of German laminate flooring in 1998.


Hoffen Asia has several sources and different types of products to meet customer requirement asd specifications


In 2005, we have introduced uPVC window and door. In 2010, we added new type product “DIY uPVC for new a market. This provided an increase in sales figure and at the same time we changed the name of our company from German Decor (Asia) co.,Ltd. To Hoffen Asia co.,Ltd to emphasize the position of our brand, “Hoffen”


Currently, we market both our laminate floor and uPVC windows and doors in three different sectors : Retail business, Modern Trade, Real Estate.


Retail bussiness: We have a large group of sales people to cover this area. We also participate in leading exhibition advertise in various leading media platforms and send out our sales directly to potential customers. This put us in top 3 of this segment.


Modern Trade: We have a group of sales people and their subordinates handling sales in modern trade sectors like Home Pro and Mega Home to name a few. We are Top in No.1 of this segment.


Real Estate: Another group of sales people cover this market segment. Currently, we are selling to over 60 Real estate projects growing steadily.


Currently, Hoffen sales are around 40,000 sqm a mount. Hoffen has 10% of total market. We currently carry over 80,000 sqm of product in our warehouse and another 20,000 sqm in our factory we makes our sales to 400,000 sqm per year.